Wednesday, July 16, 2008

Yu Yu Ice

With the weather getting warmer these days, what better way to keep cool than a glass of Yu Yu Ice? These are the deliciously icy concoctions that my family loved! It’s called Yu Yu Ice and is the local version of “ice-cream”. It’s basically frozen fruit juice.

Yu Yu Ice comes in many flavours such as red bean, bubur cha cha, mango, “sar lei” (ambra), sweetcorn, “assam boi” (salted plum), pineapple, lychee and longan. I’ve tried all the flavours and “sar lei” is my favourite. It makes a great thirst quencher especially on a hot day!

I found these at the Paramount Garden night market on Sunday which sells for RM1.80 per cup.

There’s also a little shop in Bukit Tinggi Klang that sells only Yu Yu Ice and fried chicken. It’s a popular hangout with the Bukit Tinggi residents who can be seen in droves at all times at the shop.


gRaCe said...

look so nice...!! hungry la.. hehe..

Sharon said...

This doesn't fill your stomach lah. Thirst-quencher only!

email2me said...

Is this the same as the one in Jalan Young, Pandamaran? The shop there opens only during lunch and tea time only. They serve nice Yuyu Ice and Fried Chickens. I am a regular there eventhough need to drive 45 mins to reach from Damansara.

Sharon said...

There's one in Pandamaran too? No I don't think it's the same. This is at Bukit Tinggi Klang, near Giant. If you're in Damansara, the nearer one for you would be the Paramount nite market on Sundays. They open from 6:30pm onwards.

email2me said...

The one I went is here