Tuesday, July 15, 2008


Ok, this is something that happened a long time ago. It popped into my head again yesterday so I figured I should blog about it to give it a sort of closure.

You see, it's got something to do with our wedding. We wanted to save costs so we asked someone we knew to help out with the videography. All is fine at the wedding ... God forbid. But guess what we (ok, it's I!) saw on the video? What are you thinking? This is a family-oriented blog!

Ok, seriously now ... In the opening sequence, the "videographer" very cleverly announced, here comes the guest of honor. And who is in the screen? His business partner and wife. Huh? Let's get some things straightened out here. First, we do not know his business partner and he certainly wasn't invited by us. It's OUR wedding and we are the hosts and our "videographer" very cleverly takes it upon himself to decide who our guests of honor should be. The whole video consists of only fleeting images of us and our other guests at the wedding dinner. No prizes for guessing who took centerstage in the video!

I don't know where the video is now. Truth be told, I don't really care. It wasn't a video of our wedding to begin with. It was just a video made by an opportunistic fellow who must have thought he'll gain some serious business mileage with his apple-polishing.

I resent the fact that he used our wedding as an opportunity for himself. I hate, I hate, I hate! There, I've finally said it. I hope this is closure enough!

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