Sunday, February 28, 2010

Dinner with friends at South Pacific Seafood Restaurant, PJ State

I had dinner with several good friends recently to celebrate .... friendships, new year, new life, whatever! What better way to celebrate that to have a lobster fest? Great food plus good friends - it's the perfect combination! So we all converged at South Pacific Seafood Restaurant in PJ State to begin our yummy fest.

We ordered the lobster in two different styles - Steamed in Chinese herbs and wine and Marmite. The Marmite lobster was lip-smacking with the sweetish Marmite sauce clinging to the shells and huge chunks of lobster meat. We all agreed it was very good! The steamed lobster in Chinese herbs and wine was equally good as we can actually taste the sweetness of the lobster. It's very light and is quite a contrast to the Marmite lobster. The very popular satay comes in big sticks of chicken meat marinated in a special blend of spices. There is no peanut sauce to accompany the satay but that's fine because the satay is good enough on it's own.We also ordered the Stirfried frog legs with ginger and scallions. Unfortunately, this dish is disappointing. The frog legs are big enough although there seems to be something missing in the sauce. I'm not sure if it is because our expectations were raised to such dizzying levels after the lobster that we are not able to enjoy anything else after it. South Pacific Seafood Restaurant is located at PJ State, behind the former State cinema. It's open daily from 6pm until late.


I apologize for the long absence. Admittedly, it's been months since I last updated my blog. I'm still trying to get my new responsibilities in order. The last couple of months have been such a whirlwind and I am really finding it hard to find little snatches of time to log onto the internet. That's no excuse of course, just because there are some changes doesn't mean I have to lose touch with the world. I promise I'll try to log on and write more often. Writing is strangely therapeutic for me and I suppose that's a good thing after a stressful day.