Friday, July 4, 2008

Driving hazard

Malaysians are no good at parking. Anyone who has ever had to maneuver their cars left and right whilst driving on a straight road will know what I mean.

There’s a morning market 2 minutes away from my parents home. Due to the close location, we have had inconsiderate drivers who park their cars right in front of our gate while they happily go about their shopping, leaving the entrance to our home blocked for hours. There are also drivers who park their huge expensive cars right in the middle of the street while they go run their chores. So a two-lane street for two-way traffic becomes a one-lane street due to these inconsiderate people.

But that’s nothing to what I witnessed this morning. A lady parked her BMW on the street, obstructing traffic flow. With one lane left unobstructed, cars coming from both ways had to take turns maneuvering their cars out of the jam. One unfortunate car grazed the lady’s BMW which caused her to come out of her car and threw a hissy fit worthy of a drama queen. I wonder if she realized that the whole incident wouldn’t have happened if she had parked her car in a proper parking lot, but no, she had to park her car in the middle of the road and then get upset when her car is grazed. The cheek of some people!

Do you think she deserved the graze on her car? I wonder if there'll ever come a time when drivers will show some consideration to others.

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JenKin Yat said...

yes of course she deserved it..