Thursday, July 3, 2008

People say the darnedest things

I read this in The Star today.

WHEN a backbencher talked about the prevalence of homosexual activities in his debate on the motion on the Mid-Term Review Report of the Ninth Malaysia Plan, he did more than just raise a topic.
He also raised a few eyebrows. Some MPs were even seen exchanging smiles.
Datuk Ab Rahman Dahlan (BN-Kota Belud) said the Government should take steps to inform the public about the prevalence of such activities, to the extent that some toilets in shopping malls had become their haunts.
“According to a local Malay tabloid, many of the homosexuals paid to enter public toilets and engage in their activities there. One security guard was quoted as saying that those involved were usually young men.
“And if you go to certain hotels in the city, many foreign tourists can be seen bringing young males up to their rooms after 11pm. Most often, these males are young Malay men,” he said.
Ab Rahman said that similar to how it had acted against scourges like HIV/AIDS and drug addiction, the Government had to come out in the open and admit that homosexuality was a problem in the country.
“This is so that the rakyat can start to accept the fact that we do have a problem with rampant homosexual activities,” he pointed out.

Ab Rahman also urged the people to sympathise with the family members of homosexuals for their suffering.
Is it just me, or is there something wrong with the statement above?


3POINT8 said...

er...sounds grammatically correct to me..
is there something wrong with the statement? Or are you not open to radical ideas?

Sharon said...

Why does he think the family members of homosexuals are suffering? Sexual orientations are not a disease.

Cybermate said...

Like totally!