Thursday, July 24, 2008

Home-made somtam (Thai young papaya salad)

I made somtam for dinner yesterday. Ok, it was an excuse to use the brand new somtam pounder but it was a good excuse nevertheless.

I love colour in my food so somtam is perfect for me. First I added the young papayas, green beans and bird’s eye chillies and pound them together.
Then I added palm sugar, lime juice, fish sauce and roasted peanuts.

And garnish with coriander leaves. It doesn’t look as good as the ones in Thailand, no doubt but it tastes just as good! Next time I should use the red bird’s eye chillies to add a little more color to the dish.


Borneo Falcon said...

Look delicious. Can you verify that? He....He...

Micz a.k.a Michelle said...

Wow this is my fav salad!! It looks good and thanks for sharing!!

Sharon said...

Borneo falcon -
Verified delicious!

Michelle -
It's my favourite too. And extremely easy to make!