Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Steam King 2nd review

We had dinner again at Steam King last weekend.

This time round we ordered the tiger garoupa in steamed in soya sauce. The sweet firm fish flesh blends nicely with the mild soya sauce which is probably the best way to savour a good fish dish.
Next on the list was the Curry tofu which came in a layer of steamed eggs at the bottom and ladled over with curry packed with prawns, cuttlefish, vegetables and tofu puffs. I thought this was a unique dish. The layer of steamed eggs at the bottom of the dish was smooth and creamy. The curry was not spicy enough for me but I guess it's a good dish for those who are averse to too much spiciness in their food. We had the frog legs cooked “Kung Po” style this time. The frogs were large as usual and came in a thick “Kung Po” sauce. I think the frog legs were pre-fried before being cooked in the thick sauce.Stirfried Taiwan vegetables with “kei chi” (wolfberries) came next. The very fresh vegetables has a nice sheen to them and was crunchy and delicious! Our last dish for the night was Butter Prawns. Steam King’s version was good although I would preferred the egg floss to be finer. The prawns were extremely fresh and large. Tiny bird’s eye chillies are added to this dish which delivers a quick punch, especially when I accidentally ate one!At the end of our meal, we were also served complimentary red & green bean soup as a dessert.

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