Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Male Chauvinist?

Something happened in the market this morning. I was at a stall buying breakfast and next to the stall, a lady was setting up a stall selling brassieres. To me, that was normal activity. However, it is obvious to the man now standing beside me that it wasn't. He muttered to the woman, "Sakit Mata!" ("Eyesore"!). I could see the disdain in his face. He stood in front of the stall for a good minute glaring at the lady vendor. There was a woman with him whom I assumed to be his wife. Maybe it is just me, but I could not understand his reaction. What's the big deal anyway? Was he offended by the sight of women's undies in the market? What was he thinking?! The woman with him just stood by and smiled. Now it is me who was offended! Here is a man who was acting so condescendingly to another woman and this one just stood by him and smiled. *sigh* Hello? How is this acceptable?

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