Thursday, June 26, 2008

Dinner at Steam King, Dataran Sunway

We had dinner at the cozy Steam King Seafood restaurant at Dataran Sunway last week. Steam King serves very fresh seafood straight out from the rows of aquariums at the back of the restaurant. It was highly recommended by my hubby’s friend so we decided to give it a try.

We ordered steamed frog with garlic sauce, Teochew-style steam fish, prawns with salted egg yolk and sweet potato leaves with belacan for 2 adults and a 7 year old.
Our orders arrived in a jiffy. The first to arrive was the steamed frog with garlic sauce. The frogs were big and juicy and steamed just right with a thick layer of chopped garlic on top. Personally I felt all that garlic was a little too overpowering for the frog.
The prawns with salted egg yolk is a personal favourite and Steam King’s version didn’t disappoint. The prawns were large and fresh and coated with a nice layer of salted egg yolk. It’s a good dish to eat with your hands!
My hubby’s favourite sweet potato leaves with belacan was the next to arrive. The stirfried vegetable was sweet and smooth but I don’t quite liked the belacan. I think it would have tasted better just stirfried with garlic.

The Teochew-style steamed grouper fish was excellent. It was very fresh and came topped with lots of cubed tofu, mushrooms, tomatoes, Chinese cabbage and salted vegetables. The fish flesh was firm yet separates at the gentlest prodding of the fork.

We were served a complimentary plate of fresh fruits and sweet barley dessert to end our meal which was a nice touch.

I found the serving at Steam King too big for 3 persons. The dishes we ordered are substantial enough for at least 5 to 6 diners. Since we couldn’t finish all the good food the leftovers were nicely packed for us in containers. We really liked the freshness of the food and plan to visit again!


gRaCe said...

oooh....looks really nice. especially since it's lunch time now and i'm stuck on tuna sandwich.=( how's the prices? ok ah?

Sharon said...

Our bill was abt RM92. Considering it's big enuf to feed 5 pax I think it's quite reasonable.

gRaCe said...

rm92..think it's not too bad.. cuz u have the prawns and the frog.. summore the fish.