Monday, June 9, 2008

Pun Chun Noodle House in Kota Kemuning

Found a newly opened noodle shop in Kota Kemuning last week. Apparently it's a branch of the popular Pun Chun Noodle House in Bidor. No wonder as it's always packed with customers. We found time to try it out last Saturday. Service was fast and efficient. Pun Chun serves duck noodles in either soup or dry versions. They also serve curry noodles and nasi lemak.

We ordered the soup and dry duck drumstick noodles and a portion of fresh shrimp wanton soup. The soup for the noodles is flavourful due to herbs like wai san, kei chi (wolfberries) and old ginger. The noodles were fresh and springy with just enough bite, and the meat from the duck falls off the bone with just the gentlest prodding! The dry version of the noodles were tossed in sweet dark soya sauce and comes with a separate bowl of double-boiled herbal duck soup. This soup has a more robust flavour compared to the soup from the noodles. I'm not a fowl person and duck is not on my list of favourite foods but the duck at Pun Chun was good enough for me. The shrimp wanton was very fresh in a light broth. Each bowl comes with 7 pieces which were big enough as a complete meal for the kids.

Pun Chun also sells the famous chicken biscuits (kai chai paeng) and white coffee to cater to the crowds who migrated from north.


~sHu~ said...

Hey, just dropping by at ur blog
and saw really nice food to eat..
Makes my tummy rumble and so I decided to leave a comment.

Sharon said...

Welcome! I will post more soon!

gRaCe said...

i tried the noodle when i dropped by in Bidor last 2 years.. tried the soup one, din really like it. =(

u made it sound so yummy tho... haha