Friday, June 20, 2008

Color blind and proud of it!

I had a most interesting discussion with the grandma of my daughter’s friend the other day. She is a feisty Malay lady while I’m Chinese. Her grandson and my daughter have been classmates for 3 years now and are best friends.

The topic of our discussion was how well the kids are getting along with each other, regardless of their race and how proud we are of this fact. Some of my daughter’s best friends happen to be Malays and Indians, so combined, they represent multi-cultural Malaysia.

The Malay lady told me how confused she was to hear politicians speak about race relations amongst us because in her opinion, we all regard each other as friends. I totally agree with her because I have friends from other races too. When I speak to them, I don’t see them as Malay, Chinese or Indians, I see them as just my friends. So why is it that our politicians are so bent of making us see our differences rather than to embrace and celebrate it?

If politicians speak about race segregation happening in national schools, perhaps they would like to spend a day in a private school. That’s because in my daughter’s school, all the races study and play together. The kids do not stick to friends of their own race because, frankly, they’re colour-blind when it comes to skin colour.

It does seem like the kids know more about race relations than the politicians. Perhaps it’s time for the politicians to go back to school.

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