Wednesday, August 6, 2008

My favourite sugee cake

My all-time favourite cake is the sugee cake. I can hardly find it in bakeries these days, even when I do, it’s just not up to the standard. So begins my quest for the home-made sugee cake. Since I can’t buy it, I’ll just have to make my own. I’ve tried lots of recipes and spent lots of money baking sugee cakes that turned out missing that little something! It’s extremely frustruating! That is, until I baked these :

They turned out perfect!!!!! The texture of the cake is exactly how I liked it. Moist with enough bite, compliments of the sugee (semolina flour).

It’s made from a heart-attack inducing 18 eggs and 3 bars of butter though. Not exactly a cake for the healthy masses, but I guess it’s ok to satisfy my craving once in a very long while!

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