Friday, August 15, 2008

Breakfast - Hong Kong style

What’s a visit to Hong Kong without dim sum? Dim sum is part of Hong Kong’s tea culture that every visitor should indulge in.

The ones we had in Hong Kong are not as avant-garde as the ones in Malaysian hotels where fancy names are concocted to include fancy prices. The best dim sum we had in Hong Kong are simple dim sum fare, where cheong fun (rice noodle) is simply cheong fun and siu mai (pork dumpling) is simply siu mai. Bereaved of their fancy names yet delicious all the same.
Congee is another type of Hong Kong breakfast that we loved. The congee is always silky smooth and very flavourful. It’s one of the best I’ve had in a long time. The shop where it is served was so plain that if we hadn’t peeked in long enough to see the steaming pots of hot congee, we would have walked straight pass it. Food is good wherever you find it in Hong Kong.


angelyee said...

Yummy yummy..The porridge seems so smooth..Cant wait for my own HK breakfast next month..

Sharon said...

Dear Angel,
Yes it is! It's the smoothest porridge I've ever had! Enjoy your holiday in HK!