Thursday, August 28, 2008

Beautiful moments with Rara

Say hello to Rara, Sheraton Krabi Resort’s resident baby elephant. Rara comes out to play with guests daily at 10:00am and 3:00pm for an hour each time. And boy, does she play! She frolics in the sea with the guests ……
Kisses them with her trunk …… Walks with the guests by holding their hands with her trunk … Lets them give her a bath …. Raises them on her trunk ….. And takes them on rides to the beach …. We literally waited out at the beach everyday for Rara to make her grand appearance at the beach. She’s incredibly tame and cute. The little children loved her, as well as the adults!

The mahouts obviously adore their cute charge. They feed her with bananas, cajole her to kiss the guests, mockingly chide her for stealing bananas from the bag. It is such a joy to see Rara and her mahouts interacting so perfectly. My daughter loved spending time with Rara so much that when we checked out of the resort, she cried all the way to the airport which was a 30 minute drive away. Big tears for a baby elephant that she missed so much! We’ve assured her that Rara is well-taken cared of, and promised her that we’ll return one day to visit. I certainly can’t wait to go back myself to see Rara. A visit with Rara is almost magical and we’re fortunate to have had so many sweet memories with her.


Huey Huey said...

That's amazing if have Rara as a pet to guard the family instead of dog... :)

Sharon said...

My daughter wanted to bring her home with us!