Monday, August 18, 2008

Happy Birthday Ashley!

Our daughter turns 7 this week. As school is out this week, I made a batch of cupcakes for her to bring to school to share with her friends.She wanted a girly theme but we decided on fishes and octopuses as boys outnumber girls in her class.
The cupcakes were a hit with the kids and teachers alike! I'm glad they enjoyed it as much as I enjoyed baking them!


★xi0m4r4★ said...

those cupcakes look absolutely adorable! and i'm sure very delicious too!

happy birthday ashley!


Sharon said...

*xi0m4r4*, Thank you!

gRaCe said...

wow... so fast... ur daughter has turn 7. i remember jst last year tht u were making cupcakes for her to bring to school... time really flies.. ;o)

Sharon said...

Grace, yeah, time sure flies!