Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Growing Pains

I spent last week driving kids to school and I have to say, it was a most enlightening, if not scary, experience. I had initially thought that it would be a piece of cake but how wrong I was!

The little kids at kindergarten are no problem but the older kids are quite a bunch. How else do I describe kids who have barely reached puberty (aged 7 – 9) all talking about love, boys and girls as if they are experts? To say it was a complete culture shock for me is an understatement. I couldn’t help wondering, do they start this young now?

Those kids, they are a little too young, don’t you think? It’s the TV culture to be blamed, definitely, but I wonder if the parents know what their kids are up to in school? If they do, do they not do something about this? The girl I sent to school is 9 years old yet she brags about having a boyfriend in high school.

The way I see it, kids are growing way too fast these days. They may seem intellectually mature which is probably why we forget that they are still at a highly impressionable age. I doubt they are ready for love, either physically or emotionally.

I have no doubt that one day my daughter will go through this stage of growing up, but I hope I would have done my part in instilling in her values which we hold dear to us. Whatever happened to being proud of who you are? It seems that these days, peer pressure is such that kids all want to be seem cool to their peers.

Kids need our guidance as they venture out into life and it is our responsibility as parents to ensure that they are well-equipped to meet the demands of life.

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