Monday, September 29, 2008

Ramadan market @ Bangsar

In a couple more days, the Muslims around the world will be celebrating the Eid-al-Fitri. This post about the delights of Ramadan sold in Malaysia is long overdue, I know.

Although I’m not a Muslim, I always looked forward to Ramadan as it is the month where stalls selling all types of food are set up daily for the Muslims to break fast. In Malaysia these afternoon food markets are everywhere and this is where you’ll find Malaysians of all races patronizing the stalls.

For the past month, we have been going to these food markets on a weekly basis to check out the variety of food offered.

There’s the Singapore Pasembor which is an Indian-Muslim salad with julienne vegetables and crunchy crisps in a sweet peanut sauce.
There’s also the popular Ayam Percik (roasted spiced chicken).

Don’t forget also the Murtabak (roti prata with chicken/beef fillings). I love the smell and sound of murtabak sizzling on a hot grill plate!

My daughter loves roti jala (lacy pancake). The roti jala now also comes wrapped around minced chicken/beef fillings like the murtabak. There’s also many rice stalls selling briyani, nasi lemak, curries, rendang, grilled fish and squid and kebabs.

Everyone’s favourite, without doubt, are the kuih stalls. These stalls sells all types of colourful kuih (traditional cakes) that we all have a really hard time deciding which to buy!

The Ramadan markets are a great place to see Malaysians united by our common love for food.

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