Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Food discoveries at Ruen Mai Restaurant, Krabi

One of the most amazing food discoveries we had in Krabi was at Ruenmai-Thai Restaurant near Krabi Town. I've read about this restaurant in several blog posts so it was already one of my top to-do-lists in Krabi. The entrance to Ruen Mai is simple, just a little dirt road off the main road. It’s hidden from view, so entering into this restaurant made me feel like I’ve stepped off into some exotic oasis. Ruen Mai is set within the confines of a “mini jungle”. There’s a small stream that runs through the garden as well as a small pond where carps thrive. Big lanterns are hung on the trees, to light up the restaurant at night I presume. I imagine it must be a lovely sight at night. It’s also a great place to have a quiet meal amidst the flora. Young explorers will be kept happy whilst their parents enjoy a nice meal as there’s lots to explore here. We ordered the Tom Yam Koong (Tom Yam Prawn Soup) which came in a claypot packed with big prawns. The prawns were extremely fresh and the soup was perfectly sour and spicy! This is the best tom yam soup I’ve had yet! The mango salad with cashew nuts were good as well. The crisp julienne young mango contrasted perfectly with the crunchy roasted cashew nuts.We also ordered a plate of stir-fried ferns. Very tasty! The last dish was the egg omelette with fresh crab meat. There were chunky pieces of crab meat in the fluffy omelette which our daughter loved. The omelette was not too oily either. As it was a hot day, we ordered watermelon juice (perfect to keep cool) and mandarin orange juice. The juices were thick and nice, the perfect thirst quenchers!

Ruenmai-Thai Restaurant is located at 315/5 Maharaj Road, Muang Krabi, 81000 Thailand. Tel : 075-631797. If you're ever in Krabi, this is one restaurant you don't want to miss!


Nigelais said...

OMG! I want to go back there again! Great that you went there and enjoyed the food! I love the ambience a lot! Woot!

Sharon said...

I made sure I went coz your blogs have such nice pictures of it! I am definitely glad I made it there! Thanks for recommending!

mbabc said...

Ruen Mai is the absolute best. I'm married to a Thai cooking teacher and it's both of our favorite restaurant in Thailand.

We've posted an article on our website about Ruen Mai -- it includes 28 pictures of the mouth-watering food dishes. Yum!

Ruen Mai Article