Tuesday, June 23, 2009

Sushi Candy @ Shojikiya

We came across this newly arrived candy from Japan whilst out shopping last weekend. I've got to give credit to the Japanese, they sure are innovative! My daughter, who loves sushi, was so eager to make her own sushi so we got her a box.
The powdered candy is packed into 6 parts, each with a different color. Unfortunately, the instructions were all in Japanese so we had to play a guessing game on how to use it. Hot water is added into the powder to make it into a paste, then pressed onto the mould. We waited for a few minutes and got ourselves a piece of tuna. We would have been able to make more sushi if not for my daughter's over-eagerness. There were spilt candy powder everywhere.The candy sushi is fairly easy to make and my daughter had great fun. The best part for her is to eat her own made sushi .... that just happens to be sweet! The sushi candy can be found at Shojikiya outlets.

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