Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Little Taiwan 1-Utama

Months after we last ventured into 1-Utama, we found many new restaurants have opened on the Lower Ground floor of the new wing. One of those new restaurants is Little Taiwan. We were attracted to this restaurant mainly due to the bubble tea which my elder daughter loves.
Like many of the Taiwanese restaurants here, Little Taiwan serves mainly one plate rice & noodle dishes, and bubble tea, of course!

We ordered our favourite passion fruit & red plum tea to quench our thirst. We requested that they add the sago pearls & crystal jellies into our iced tea. The teas arrived in quick succession and in no time, we're sipping our refreshing iced fruit teas.

I've always loved the Salted Chicken served at Taiwanese restaurants so for my main course, I ordered the Salted Chicken rice which came with a side of Taiwanese kimchi. The cubed chicken were crispy and adequately spiced with salt and pepper. It came with crisp basil leaves (I think) that I totally enjoyed. I liked the Salted Chicken so much we ordered an extra serving.

Our next order was the Braised beef noodle which had tender slices of beef, huge cuts of carrot and radish in a flavourful sweet broth.I liked the Little Taiwan Claypot Loh-Shi Fun which came topped with slices of Chinese sausage, minced chicken, fresh beansprouts and chives topped with a raw egg. I liked the thick gravy that enveloped the smooth noodles although I don't care for raw beansprouts. In all, this dish is quite tasty.We also ordered the Taiwanese version of a sandwich. Unfortunately I can't quite remember what it is called although I think it's called coffin bread elsewhere. The thick slice of bread came with the "insides" dug out and filled with creamy chicken and mushrooms. Don't be fooled by appearances though, as the bread was only partly dug out, thus what you get is more bread than chicken & mushrooms.

The fried mushrooms were very addictive. The Enoki mushrooms were deep-fried till crispy and sprinkled with salt & pepper (same as the Salted Chicken). However, the 2nd time we were there the mushrooms were soggy. I guess this is a hit or miss kind of dish although I wouldn't mind ordering it again coz when they got it right, it's quite addictive.

The food at Little Taiwan does not come cheap though. The rice and noodles starts at RM11.00.

Little Taiwan is at LG325/326, 1 Utama Shopping Centre, Bandar Utama, 47800 Petaling Jaya, Malaysia.Tel: +603-7729 5582

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