Thursday, June 11, 2009

Hazy days are here again

We are all breathing in air pollutants once again as the season for hazy days are upon us once more. It's especially worse where we live. My vision is blurry. There's nothing wrong with my eyes, it's just that the smog is so thick in our residential area I can hardly see what's at the end of the road. My daughter has had a persistent cough for days and my throat hurts.
Most people sit in front of the fireplace to keep warm but we sit in front of the air-cleaner in the hope of breathing in clean air. So you can imagine my frustruation when I read the papers this morning.
Close watch on farmers to check open burning
PETALING JAYA: Farmers in Kampung Johan Setia, Klang, are being kept under 24-hour surveillance to prevent them from conducting open burning of jungle waste.
The state government has also ordered the Klang Municipal Council to pay close attention to the farmers in view of the worsening haze situation, especially in Klang and Shah Alam, in recent days.
State environment committee chairman Elizabeth Wong said the government has declared Johan Setia a zero burning zone to check the haze.
“The situation is under control with the council, Department of Environment and the Fire and Rescue Department monitoring the farmers,” she said.
Wong said the authorities were also prepared to face peat fires in the area as Johan Setia was prone to such fires during a drought.
The situation is very obviously NOT UNDER CONTROL as of this morning. This happens just about every few months. Is it not time to slap the farmers with a very heavy fine so that they don't conduct open burning again?

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