Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Lunching at Canton-I, Midvalley Gardens

It has been a 2 long years since we've had authentic Hong Kong wanton noodles. Although the wanton noodles in Malaysia are not at all bad, I still hanker for good wanton noodles every now and then. On a recent visit to Midvalley Gardens, we chanced upon the newly-opened Canton-I (they have another outlet at 1-Utama Old Wing) and decided that it's about time we satisfy our craving for good ol' Hong Kong-styled wanton noodles.

There was a long queue at the counter when we arrived and we promptly got ourselves a number before taking a seat outside the restaurant. It wasn't long before our number was called and we got ourselves settled at a nice table.

Who could have missed the roasted meats and pastry on the way in?

For starters, we ordered the absurbly cute piggy buns with red bean filling. Our daughter was very amused to be eating piggy-shaped buns. I would have thought they were way too cute to be eaten! The red bean filling was smooth and not overly sweet, just the way I liked it.

The second order was for Custard Egg buns that came in a purplish-swirl. Dizzying to look at, but oh-so-yummy! Just look at the egg custard oozing out of the bun!

With our tummies partially satiated by the little sweet treats, our orders for wanton noodles finally arrived. We had the wanton noodles in soup with honey-barbecued meat (char siu) that came in a separate plate. The wanton noodles were thin and springy, just how it tasted like in Hong Kong. The char siu was sinfully sweet and succulent!
We also ordered wanton noodles with Japanese-styled spareribs and roasted pork belly. The Japanese-styled spareribs were surprising melt-in-the-mouth. I've never thought that is quite possible for spareribs. The meat separated easily from the soft bone and the meat was quite flavourful. I loved the slightly fatty roasted pork belly which contrasted nicely with the crackling rind. I've always liked my roasted pork belly slightly salty and this one fits the bill perfectly.

Next to arrive was the Roasted Goose wanton noodles. Goose is not widely available in Malaysia and can be quite expensive but I'd gladly pay the RM18 a pop at Canton-I, if only to satisfy my cravings. The goose was roasted to perfection with a gleamingly crispy skin. It's so good I forgot to take pictures!
I would love to have my wanton noodles in Hong Kong again, but until then, Canton-I is certainly top of my list for Hong Kong-styled wanton noodles. At least it's cheaper considering I don't have to pay for an airticket to have wanton noodles.

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