Friday, October 10, 2008

Hawker Delights @ Jalan Peel, Kuala Lumpur

One of my favourite places to eat is at the Peel Road hawker stalls in Kuala Lumpur. My family and I have been eating here for years. After a long hiatus, we decided to check out Peel Road again. I was very happy to see that all the old stalls were still there after all these years. We ordered a variety of hawker food and realized that they taste the same too!
First to arrive at our table is the mix pork soup which usually comes with pork offal, pork slices, clotted pig's blood and salted vegetables. I loved the chewy intestines and clotted blood! The soup is as delicious as I remembered it. Next is the beef ball noodle soup. The noodles came in a thick minced beef sauce and a separate bowl of beef balls. For added measure, hubby ordered also beef soup which came with more beef balls and beef slices.
How could we resist ordering the very popular grilled chicken wings? The chicken wings were coated in a sweet honey sauce that was caramelized in a charcoal grill. Yummy!My dad being a lover of Char Kuey Teow naturally had to order his plate of noodles. The kuey teow came on a plate lined with banana leaves which imparted a natural fragrance to the noodles.We also ordered the fresh spring rolls to share. The spring rolls were served in a thin rice flour skin (like a lighter version of tortilla) filled with sweet jicama, beansprouts and tofu. The sauce lining the rice flour skin was just sweet enough.For dessert, we had the all-time favourite Leng Chee Kang which is a sweet broth scented with pandanus leaves and dried longans, served with jelly cubes, hard-boiled quail egg, sago balls, candied melon, dried longan and boiled lotus seeds. It's the perfect ending for a deeply satisfying meal!


TNH said...

althoug all those are just normal food where we can get in most of the place..but that is my favorite..beside,not stall is delicious..

ch3rylism said...

is this the one opposite carrefour/queen's park?

Sharon said...

ch3rylism, yes it is.

Sharon said...

tnh, yes, we can get these food anywhere in malaysia. I just like the taste of the ones at Jalan Peel.