Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Reasons for divorce

Recently, it was reported in the local dailies that divorce rates were high in Terengganu. The reasons given for divorce borders on ridiculousness. How does boring sex, spouses in old pajamas and whose body odour smells like fish crackers even get into the equation for divorce these days? Boring sex life, maybe, but old pajamas and fish crackers? Call me old-fashioned, but whatever happened to simple old "irreconciliable differences" as reasons for divorce? If we're to believe such ludicruos reasons for divorce, then we'll all soon be expected to go to bed looking like Victoria's Secret models. Don't forget a spritz of a sexy perfume to raise the temperatures! Do we now have such unrealistic expectations for our spouses that a marriage can't work simply because the spouse concerned goes to bed donning old pajamas? The reasons are highly suspect, for it may seem like just an excuse to get rid of wife no. 1, to make way for wife no. 2, no. 3 and no. 4? What do you think?


Jovenus said...

Absolutely ludicruous! There are so much talk about sex, sex and sex. Especially living in the UK, all you ever see, hear, talk about in the papers is about sex. I think being in a good marriage is more than having good sex. It's important to have good sex life, but it's not everything. If it is, maybe men should choose to marry women who are nymphomaniac!

People don't expend effort to work out their differences anymore, maybe in this fast food culture, the only acceptable way out is the easy way out. Sad.

Sharon said...

No one seems to care any more for the sanctity of marriage. It's like marriage is not worth the trouble. It's not just in the UK, it's everywhere. Seriously, if all the man want is a wife who looks like she's straight out of the pages of a magazine to satisfy his lust, then I don't think the man is even worth it. I thought being married meant spending the rest of your life with your chosen partner, for better or for worse. Or at the very least try to work out our differences.