Monday, July 27, 2009

A Slice of Heaven by Just Heavenly

I was ecstatic to learn that the famed Just Heavenly recently opened a new outlet at Jaya One in Petaling Jaya. I've wanted to try their cakes for so long and since I was going shopping at Cold Storage, I was bent on killing two birds with one stone. I've since visited A Slice of Heaven a few times because the cakes are so good, we could never get enough of it.

A Slice of Heaven is a cozy little cake boutique painted in sky blue with clouds. So dreamy! There are no chairs or tables, just a take-away counter that showcases the most amazing cakes.

There's even a pretty cookie tree strung with cookies of all shapes and colours.
Did I mention the cakes? Oh.... they are glorious! We tried the Death by Chocolate, Chocolate Durian and also their 3ple Espresso Brownie. Of all the times we've been back, we just keep buying the same types over and over because it's just something we could never get enough of!
The 3ple Espresso Brownie was really good. There were chunks of chocolate pieces and nuts that our little girl really liked. The Chocolate Durian is simply out-of-this-world. Initially I thought the combination of chocolate and durian kind of weird, but all it takes is just one mouthful to win me over. It is by far, the most interesting and most delicious cake I've ever eaten! The explosion of flavours - the pungent durian and the bitter-sweet smoothness of the chocolate is incredible. It is the one cake that we fight over, would you believe?
We also liked the Banana Cream Pie which was filled with custard cream and topped with slices of caramelized bananas. Our little girl loved this so much she finished the whole pie.
A Slice of Heaven is located at Block E, Unit 23, Level B2, Phase 2 (next to Cold Storage).

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