Thursday, December 18, 2008

Orange Marble Cake

It was Friday and I am having one of my cravings again. I want so much to eat some marble cake, and no, a slice from the cake shop just will not do.

I have so many cravings with this pregnancy and because of that, I've been whipping up lots of stuff in my kitchen. Last Friday I made some orange marble cake with cocoa and fresh orange juice and rind.
The orange juice and rind gave the cake such an intense flavour. I'm never one who likes to flavour my cakes with artificial flavourings. The smells emanating from the oven is heavenly and sometimes I wonder what my neighbours must go through every time I bake a cake! Free smells abound in my neighbourhood and when there's extra the neighbours get to share some too. It will be Christmas soon and no doubt my neighbourhood will be filled with free smells yet again!

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