Monday, December 15, 2008

Creating a gingerbread house

My daughter joined the Gingerbreadhouse decorating competition at the Bangsar Village Shopping Centre yesterday. She's never done something like this before so I thought it will be a lot of fun for her to get her creative juices flowing.
We were given a cardboard box (Bummer! Not a real gingerbread house) in the shape of a house, then a bowl of icing and lots of colored rice, cereals, candies to decorate it. My little girl had such fun decorating the gingerbread house! See how intense she looked!
The end result is a pretty house that is now placed at the shopping centre for judging later, along with the houses made by the other participants. It wasn't so much joining the competition as much as having fun as a family. This little activity really made her day. Another priceless experience to add to her growing list of fun activities!

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