Monday, December 14, 2009

Humans vs Monsters

I don't know where to start......
I am speechless. Horrified. Frightened. The source of this? The report in yesterday's papers about beggars in our midst. Not just any beggar, but beggars belonging to syndicates .... and highly disfigured with acid and missing limbs. I'm not afraid of the beggars, no. I'm horrified at the prospect that these might be victims of human trafficking.
These beggars were so badly disfigured that if their family members met them, they'll never recognize them. Beggars who lost their fingers to avoid detection by their authorities. No fingers means no fingerprints. It's the saddest thing. How did we, as humans, ever come to this stage?
I am horrified at the cruelty that my fellow human beings are capable of. Distraught for the family members of the victims who lose a loved one, never knowing where they are. Saddened for the lives of the victims who will now become slaves for a lifetime.
I wonder why we go on labelling mythical beings as monsters and fear ghouls when what we should really be doing is fear our human brothers and sisters for the cruelty that they are capable of. They are the real monsters in our midst.


Jovenus said...

I didn't think you would find such things in Msia. I only read about such thing happening in India. But personally I do know of registered charity orgn who send their orphans out to collect donations. It's horrific. Definitely.

Sharon said...

Unfortunately, it's everywhere now. I was horrified when I saw "Slumdog Millionaire", then horrified when I saw "Taken". It's real and it's happening. I read in the papers that we've now become a transit point for human trafficking. It's hitting too close to home.