Monday, October 5, 2009

Restaurant Extra Super Tanker - 2nd visit

This post is a couple of months overdue as I totally forgot about it. We had a farewell for a colleague and since most have not been to Restaurant Extra Super Tanker, we decided to have the farewell lunch there.
We actually ordered quite a lot of dishes but I won't put everything up here again because I've already reviewed those dishes on my first post.
We ordered a whole suckling pig which was delicious! The skin was crispy and although parts of the suckling pig were a bit fatty, it was still very good.
The Steamed Lucky Fish with BeancurdRoll & Bamboo Sheet were smooth and naturally sweet. We liked this dish very much. It's very light and is perfect to offset the cholesterol-laden suckling pig.We also had Fried HK Cabbage with yam in soup. This dish is surprisingly tasty although it looks simple. I didn't think yam and vegetables would mix very well, so I am surprised that it did. The vegetable were cooked with cubes of yam and dried shrimps in a very sweet stock.I'm not usually a fan of fried rice, but the recommended Special Yam Fried Rice was very tasty. It had bits of salted duck egg yolks, ham and yam and was delicious to the last grain. Very yummy indeed!

We were too full to order desserts by the time we were done, but it was a very satisfying meal.

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