Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Churros @ Molten Lava 1-Utama

We stumbled upon this little shop serving churros at 1-Utama last week. Might I say that I was deliriously happy to have even spotted it? I LURVE churros and as anyone in Malaysia will tell you, it is hard to find here. We had our first taste of churros at Tokyo Disneyland and have loved it ever since.
We ordered the Churros with Cinnamon Sugar and Chocolate Dip. The churros with cinnamon sugar was very nice, not too sweet, just perfect.The churros went very well with the chocolate dip too. Although the churros at Molten Lava are delicious, I thought them to be a tad pricey. The cinnamon sugar churros cost RM4.80 for 4 pieces and the one with the chocolate dip cost RM5.80 for 4 pieces. 4 pieces of churros is never enough so to indulge in this frequently is quite expensive. Perhaps I should go learn and make my own?
Molten Lava is located at Lot LG312B, Lower Ground Floor Oval, 1-Utama Shopping Centre (near the Cold Storage Supermarket).

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Almiraz said...

My first time having churros was also when I was in Tokyo Disneyland and I kept seraching for churros from then on, until recently I found Molten excited like you...heheheh